The WOCA Denmark story

We love wood. And our passion leads the way.

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 Made in Denmark

The WOCA brand is your guarantee for 100 % Danish quality. Every single product is developed in our own laboratory using the latest and most natural raw materials available on the market. And every single drop of fluid is manufactured in our own production facility. Everything is Made in Denmark. With a WOCA product in your hand, you are guaranteed a product that always meets the strictest requirements for safety, raw materials and final finish.

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A sustainable philosophy

Safe application, a healthy indoor climate and environmentally friendly results. These are vital things you are ensured with our green solutions, as our products are developed and manufactured with sustainability and safety in mind. All products are tested in neutral laboratories around the world and conform to all relevant international standards. And that’s not all. We always try to go that extra mile to be ahead of future restrictions to offer you the safest and most sustainable protection for your surfaces at all times.

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WOCA Denmark was founded in 1969 as part of Trip Trap Denmark A/S. For many years, wooden stairs, flooring and furniture were the essential product range. 35 years later, in 2004 to be exact, we became an independent, Danish company specializing in environmentally friendly wood care. Today, we take pride in being a global, recognized Danish brand with shipment to more than 60 countries around the world.


Wooden flooring, furniture, worktops, claddings, sheds, deckings, you name it. It all needs protection to stay beautiful and last long. Therefore, we are passionate about developing and manufacturing products and solutions for pre-treatment, basic finishing, cleaning, care and maintenance of wood and other surfaces. And we’re striving to do our best and create only the most exceptional products and solutions.


We exist to share our passion: to protect and nourish wood, so it keeps its natural beauty, luster and warm feeling. We constantly look for new ways to improve our products and solutions, because we enjoy working with customers with the same approach to quality as us. From floor and furniture manufacturers to professional floor fitters. We dare to think big and push the boundaries of innovation, as we simply love wood.