Carpet Buying Guide

Looking for the best carpet? Because of factors like budget and taste, the best carpet for your neighbour might not be the best carpet for you. So, how can you decide which carpet will suit you? Start by considering these points.


Many home renovators dream of a bottomless bank account. The reality is most home renovators do have to consider their budget. Carpet is a more affordable flooring option but the price can still vary. The cost of your carpet will depend on which carpet fibre you choose. Check out the features of each carpet below.


SyntheticMost affordableColour-fastResists most stainsWater-resistantLimited colour range


SyntheticAffordableSoftLustrous appearanceRich colourWater and stain-resistant


SyntheticStain-resistantDurableWide colour range

Solution Dyed Nylon

SyntheticIncreased stain-resistanceIncreased colour-fastnessLong-term durability


SyntheticSoftMatte appearanceHighly stain-resistantPartially made from corn




The look of your carpet will differ based on the construction method used. 

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpets are created by cutting the yarn loops to create a  soft, upright pile. You can vary the pile length and twist level create a variety of styles, including:


Lightly-twisted yarnSmooth surfaceFormal lookSoft underfoot feelLow-traffic areasSuits formal spaces (living and dining rooms, guest rooms)


Pile twists in different directionsRandom textureCasual styleSoft underfoot feelDurableHides trackingSuits the whole home


Longer pileTextured finish“Shaggy” look Soft underfoot feelDurableHides trackingSuits high traffic areasSuits informal spaces (bedrooms, family rooms)

Loop Pile

This style is constructed by threading the fibres through the carpet backing to form a series of loops. The following are some styles of loop pile carpets:

Level loop pile

Tightly-threaded loopsUniform surfaceDurableSuits high traffic areas (hallways)

Multi-level loop pile

Varying lengths of loopsTextured surfaceDurable Distinct shapes and patternsHides dirt


Short loopsRugged surfaceFlecked appearanceDurableHides dirt and marksSuits high-traffic areas

Cut & Loop Pile

Combining cutting and looping methods creates interesting sculpted patterns and effects. Installing this style of carpet adds a point of difference to your interiors.

Level cut and loop pile

Lineal patternsSoft underfoot feelStylishHides dirt and footprintsSuits kids’ bedrooms or playrooms

Textured cut and loop pile

Uneven surfaceArtistic patternsIllusion of depthHides marks and dirt


Carpets are often graded against their best form of application, so if you have a really specific need for acoustic, fire or traffic rating ask one of our experienced flooring consultants to advise which type of carpet is suitable. Often, the best result for your requirements, is not most expensive option. Listed below is a brief description of the various strengths of carpet available.

Not all carpet is manufactured for the same purpose and there is a lot to consider when choosing; Andersens can advise you on the right choice for your living space. Depending on your lifestyle or need, there exists a range of grades:

Medium Duty: Medium to Low traffic flow, best for bedrooms and spare rooms

Heavy Duty: Heavy traffic flow, best for hallways and busy living areas. Also, good for families 2/3 kids or more

Extra Heavy Duty: A lot of traffic flow, great for hallways and busy living areas. Also, suitable for commercial offices/shops.


Bedroom: Carpet is an amazing choice for bedrooms. Soft underfoot and warm during the colder months, carpet will not only look amazing but will also make your bedroom feel cosier.

Bathroom: Carpets might not be the best choice for your bathroom. Please speak with our sales consultant for advice on the best products for this area.

Kitchen: Much like Bathrooms, kitchens aren’t the best place for carpet. With spillage, high amounts of water, chemicals etc. it might be a better option to look into tiles or vinyl.

Living:  Carpet is a great choice for living areas however, a durable and easy to clean fibre should be chosen to help make sure your brand-new carpet doesn’t soil or stain.

Hallway: Very similar to the Living room, the hallway or entry way is a great place to get resilient and easy to clean carpeting. Not only does it look great but it also provides comfort and can be easier to maintain then hardwoods.

Commercial Spaces: Carpet is a great choice for a commercial space.With a durable fibre and natural colour’s you can do amazing things for your commercial space.

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