Laminate or SPC?

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has a fiberboard core, (HDF High Density Fiberboard) This core is made when wood fibers are bound together in a resin material and therefore susceptible to water absorption. There is a decorative layer on top of the core that is protect by a clear, durable layer of aluminum oxide.

Why Laminate Not Waterproof ?

The aluminum oxide layer itself is waterproof, but the seams are susceptible to water from above. The laminate floors at go through a process where wax is embedded into the seams for improved water resistance and the beveled edge is painted. 

Go with laminate flooring if you are not freaked out that it's not waterproof flooring. Laminate has great durability, very realistic planks (especially if it's got a v-bevel edge and texture-matched embossing), colour and species selection are limitless, it's simple to install and very cost-effective. It's still advised to keep laminate out of bathrooms and other decidedly wet areas. Look for an AC4 (abrasion class 4) rating for

durability. It is a proven flooring solution and the new high-definition imagery and embossing are amazing. 

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite)

SPC has a core that made from PVC and limestone. It is typically to be topped with just a decorative print and a thin wear layer over the top. Often It has a foam underlayment attached.

Go with SPC flooring if your project or mindset requires waterproof flooring, but your budget is restricted or the floor will be susceptible to temperature extremes. SPC is cheaper than WPC because it uses more calcium chloride than PVC and there is no vinyl top layer. It is also better suited for areas with temperature or humidity extremes than the other options due to its stiffness. The trade off is that it’s typically noisier underfoot, a bit more brittle, colder and less realistic looking than laminate or WPC; although the visuals are improving. SPC is a strong entry-level waterproof floating flooring option. While we currently don’t offer SPC flooring at Lake Street Home for a number of the reasons mentioned, we are considering adding it in the future as the visuals and technology improve.

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