Natural Palette

Interior Design Tips

The popularity of natural oak floors has remained consistent for a long time. This general likability can be attributed to the timeless visual appeal of the surface. Typically, the unstained authentic tone and the clear wood grain pattern work together to create a traditional look which enhances the entire living space. If you are planning on installing natural or neutral oak floors in your home, consider using these simple guidelines for exceptional interior design results.


Soften the Surface with Rugs

Neutral and natural floors are attractive, but they have a solid hardness which can be visually imposing. Therefore, you should consider balancing out this firmness by layering the flooring with some soft mats and rugs. This will create a more comfortable ambience without compromising the appeal of your oak surface. Some of the best types of rugs to consider acquiring for an airy softness in your home include lambswool and sheepskin. You should also note that rugs are useful if you want to increase the softness of your floor. In general, natural wood is warm beneath and quite soft, particularly in comparison with materials like tile. However, an extra layer can make the floor more comfortable, especially if you have children who like to sit or play on the floor.

Juxtapose with Modern Elements

Natural oak floors have a traditional appearance, but you do not have to pair the surface with old-fashioned interiors if they do not match your preference and taste. In simple terms, you can have your hardwood floor and still enjoy contemporary design. Consider creating juxtaposing the flooring against modern furniture, appliances and even décor. For example, sleek cabinets and polished minimalist appliances will create a beautiful contrast when placed in an oak-floored room. You can also create other visual effects by incorporating other unique styles into your home. For example, you can acquire rough and rustic furniture or mid-modern century décor for an aged but chic look.

Brighten the Space with Light Colours

The grain of the natural oak and the warm tone will be more apparent when your interior space is brighter. Therefore, you should look for ways to draw more light into your home. The simplest method to accomplish this is by allowing natural light to flow from the outdoors. However, if this is not possible, you can still achieve the desired effect by choosing light-coloured cabinets and using brighter wall paint. For a unique and interesting look, you should think about adding a unique splash of colour in the rooms. For example, you can paint your kitchen island in sage and pair with bright yellow stools. This daring decorative style is ideal for spaces without a lot of décor or furniture because the hues ensure that the focus is not only on your flooring.

When decorating your home after installing the natural oak flooring, you should remember that the surface tone is quite neutral. Therefore, you should not be afraid to experiment with different styles. You can layer the floor with patterned and coloured rugs and purchase eclectic furniture, according to your individual preference.