In order to fade in a Memory Flashback in a natural way ...

the character had to be put in a position of waiting or reflection, where their mind could naturally wander so we can explore her mind.

  • This is why the tower is so tall so I had a long time for the shots that first showes the Ruins they've traveled through and then a long closeup of her face as she is holding the pendant.
  • As she holds it tightly she looks up toward the sky through the windows and then closes her eyes and nods down and thinks of that day when her brother disappeared and how she found it.
  • This action of looking upward, as if she is looking for answers and then closes her eyes and nods down makes the white fade out into her memory more natural.


Wet Area Installations – Showers/Saunas/Steam Room

Our products are water resistant and are suitable for wet areas applications such as shower walls, floors, countertops, etc. All sub-walls and floors should be adequately treated with proper moisture barriers and additional sealant may be required to avoid water seeping behind panels. For example, panels should be coated in a Rubio Monocoat oil with a silicone sealant between panels. The Rubio oil should be maintained yearly to keep the panels water proofed.

Concreate products are suitable for sauna/ steam room applications as well. Because there are substantial differences from a shower environment, any installer should be extremely careful and cautious and not take any cost cutting risks.

Buyers assume ALL responsibility with regards to the labor and installation.

Ceiling Installations

Our wall panels weigh just 7 KG per square metre and make for a stunning and unique ceiling installation.

Additional adhesive may be required depending on the design and type of installation. Nails and/or screws (pre-drill and then back fill the holes with matching grout) may be used for additional security as well.

Outdoor Installations

Our products are suitable for exterior wall or floor applications.

For outdoor walls, we recommend our floor planks which are suitable to a vertical installation; the ½” tongue and grove edge and the mineral cement board substrate provides for superior insulation compared with most tile products and can be applied and installed much like any tile or stone. It requires no grout while the tongue and grove create a perfectly flush surface without nearly as much effort required when using traditional tile or stone products. Our wall panels are quite suitable as well!

Exterior applications should be applied to any sound, dry and flat subsurface and due to varied outdoor conditions by region, bonding agents for any outdoor installation should be tested by the installer to confirm bonding prior to installation. Normal fading overtime depends on UV exposure.

Where water exposure is a concern, additional installation/sealant steps should be taken to avoid water seeping behind panels. For example, panels should be coated in Rubio Monocoat oil with a silicone sealant between panels. The Rubio oil should be maintained yearly to keep the panels water proofed.

Fireplace Installations

Concreate products are perfectly suited for fireplace cladding and is one of the most popular uses of our products! Our wall panels have a Class A fire rating and the flooring products have equivalent international fire ratings

Kick up the Kitchen with a Backsplash or Cabinet Cladding

Kick up your kitchen design overnight with a Concreate concrete backsplash. Our wall panels are perfectly suited for a kitchen backsplash and easy to install! The panels are water and stain resistant and clean easily with oil-based soaps. Cabinets may also be easily cladded for a whole new look! Wall panels weigh just 7KG per square metre, cut easily and install with just adhesive. The options are endless!

The wall panels or floor planks also work well as table or counter tops! Although we do not recommend them on food prep areas; as strong as they are, they have not been tested against the mad knife skills of Australia’s top chefs!

Grout – only if you want to!

Grout is not required with our products; the panels are designed to butt joint together for a clean fit. Some prefer the look as a design choice of course and that’s ok! During installation, in the event of small gaps from less than square wall or when wrapping outside edges as seen in the Wall Installation Video, small bits of grout may be needed. We suggest the Fusion Pro Single Component Grout. which is available in a variety of colors to match and readily available locally.

What's the difference between Concreate and Tile

What's the difference between Concreate and polished or poured concrete

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