Sisal style design in 100% pure wool

Brit is Signature’s 7 star premium wool carpet. Produced in Holland to the highest and most luxurious standards, Brit is additionally made up of 100% undyed wool with a 48oz fibre weight. Brit is a hardwearing and durable carpet that is anti-allergenic, with a fire and stain resistant fibre and a 20 year residential warranty.

Flint 101

Bramble 110

Fawn 109

Coast 104

Hawthorne 103

Raine 107


Luxuriously soft carpet that is heaven to touch

7 Star Mink from Cashmere Touch® is a 40oz twist pile carpet in stylish neutral tones. Luxurious and elegant, Mink is perfect in bedrooms, living and dining rooms. Superb colours with the softest feel, Mink is a very special carpet.

Lesnay 90

Anapa 31

Penza 34

Samara 40

Serov 47 

Kazan 48

Chita 37

Sibay 46

Nazran 07

Tamov 96

Liski 54

Salsk 10

Azov 55

Elista 93

Moscow 91

Balakavo 45

Tomsk 98

Saransk 57

Kursk 20

Mezen 29

Dubna 77

Sochi 76

Kovrov 59


Sophisticated luxury with a sumptuous feel

7 Star Scarlet from Cashmere Touch® is an 50oz twist pile carpet which is full and luxurious. In stylish colours, Scarlet is exceptionally soft and suits both contemporary modern and classic homes.

Alyssum 792

Hibiscus 640

Tulip 632

Amaryllis 739

Freesia 692

Heather 690

Foxglove 791

Nepeta 691

Mimosa 796

Lantana 697

Nemesia 798

Zenobia 699

Moonflower 679

Dianella 698


100% European wool

7 Star Finn from the Signature Pure Wool Collection features 100% European wool and is also produced in Holland to the highest and most luxurious standards, for a wool carpet that will withstand any busy home environment. Featuring anti-allergenic, fire and stain resistant properties, Finn will add the ultimate indulgent touch to your home.

Aspen 126

Benton 138

Ackley 132 

Brin 109

Dillon 135

Dianella 698

Raven 136


fashionable, 100% pure wool

5 Star Dartmoor from the Signature Pure Wool Collection features 100% pure wool, produced in Europe to the highest and most luxurious standards, with the addition of being made up of pure European and New Zealand wools. Dartmoor also features a 30oz fibre weight and 6mm pile height for a carpet that provides the ultimate combination of timeless style and pure luxury.

Beacon 18

Luxton 14

Vixen 17

Elsford 15

Latchell 12

Black Ridge 19


Sophisticated seven star premium SDN carpet

Premium 7 Star LuxCloud™ is a new addition to our collection of the highest quality carpets for your home. It is a sumptuous, extra-soft, extra-hard wearing 55oz carpet, ideal for busy families and pets. Florian is the latest example of clever innovation that provides everything you are looking for in a premium carpet – and more!

Crystal Dust 19

Champagne Spritz 33 

Soothing Stone 48

Mystic Ash 49

Pale Blossom 63

Blue Moon 77

Star Shine 90

Frosty Horizon 91

Orion Light 94

Soft Drizzle 95

Gentle Willow 96

Winter Smoke 97

Dusky Mist 98

Midnight Sky 99


Extraordinary soft carpet that shimmers

7 Star Seduction from Cashmere Touch® is a truly silky carpet that feels as soft as mink. Its plush 40oz pile features the shiny characteristics that draw the eye and delight in the most grand rooms. Seduction is the ideal carpet selection to create a very special home.

Tender 95

Lust 99

Pleasure 45

Euphoria 49

Ecstacy 03